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Discover how we resonate with frequencies and vibrations in our environment and learn ways to work with frequencies to live a happier and more peaceful life.


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Balance, peace, patience, moderation, inner calm, perspective, tranquility, harmonious relationships, soul-mates

Imbalance, self-indulgence, excess, clashing, lack of perspective, discord, antagonism, recklessness, hastiness

Being hasty, adventurous, energetic, charming, warm, exciting, fearless, confident, self-assured, hero, rebellious, brave, revolutionary, open minded, free spirit, sexy, warm, shameless flirt, hot tempered, travel, moving country, swept off your feet, finishing what you start, success, taking risks

Arrogant, reckless, hyperactive, daredevil, overly confident, loud, show-off, lack self-discipline/ control, passive, fearful, lack of enthusiasm/ ambition/ purpose, chip on shoulder, violent, abusive, jealous, volatile, extremely aggressive/ hasty, overly competitive, domineering , not finishing what you start, cancelled travel

Delayed news, patience needed, ideas, inspiration, planning, vigilance, protective, guarded, fairness, think before you speak, don’t get drawn into arguments, mental agility, using your head, inquisitive, curious, quick-witted, chatty, communicative, education, petty gossip, being truthful/ direct, speaking out, fighting injustice

Bad/disappointing news, lack of ideas/planning, defensive, player, mind games, paranoid, lack of mental agility, having your head in the clouds, scatterbrain, dim-witted, nothing to say, cold, sarcastic, cynical, malicious gossip, being blunt/ abrasive, not speaking out, delinquent, lack of education/ learning difficulties

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