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We Are Water

Discover how we resonate with frequencies and vibrations in our environment and learn ways to work with frequencies to live a happier and more peaceful life.


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Calmer waters, healing, progress, moving on, moving forward, things calming down, calm after a storm, overcoming hardship, relief, stability, escaping, running away, journeys, traveling, travel overseas, going on holiday, feeling deflated, lethargy, holding onto negativity, spirit guides, guidance

Trouble coming, out of frying pan into fire, lack of progress, slow healing, trapped, delay, stuck, overwhelmed, causing trouble, rocking the boat, changing/ abandoned plans, standing your ground, nowhere to run, stormy relationships, instability, disrupted/cancelled travel, return from travel, eloping, floods, accidents in the water

Chaos, destruction, sudden upheaval, trauma, unexpected change, disaster, loss, tragedy, revelations, confusion, pain, divorce, abuse, violence, bankruptcy, natural disasters

Resisting change, averting disaster, avoiding tragedy, delaying the inevitable, avoiding loss

Things coming to fruition, hard work paying off, harvest, rewards, profits, results, pay-outs, manifestation of ideas or goals, inheritance, cultivation, growing, gestation, nurturing, perseverance, patience, planning, reviewing, taking stock, questioning, crossroads, approaching retirement, finishing what you started

Bad business/financial management, not finishing what you started, laziness, aimlessness, procrastination, not putting effort in, cash flow problems, waste, lack of growth, setbacks, delay, impatience, frustration, postponed retirement, lack of reward, workaholic, not taking stock, lack of reflection, change of plans

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