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We Are Water

Discover how we resonate with frequencies and vibrations in our environment and learn ways to work with frequencies to live a happier and more peaceful life.

Energy Art and Tarot Readings

Watch as I read the Tarot and create an Energy Painting on Aries for October 2020. We will use color, texture, and movement to represent each aspect of the reading. I’ll use my intention to put the energy on to the canvas. This art piece will carry the energy from the reading. Each piece is available to purchase.

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Delayed news, patience needed, ideas, inspiration, planning, vigilance, protective, guarded, fairness, think before you speak, don’t get drawn into arguments, mental agility, using your head, inquisitive, curious, quick-witted, chatty, communicative, education, petty gossip, being truthful/ direct, speaking out, fighting injustice

Bad/disappointing news, lack of ideas/planning, defensive, player, mind games, paranoid, lack of mental agility, having your head in the clouds, scatterbrain, dim-witted, nothing to say, cold, sarcastic, cynical, malicious gossip, being blunt/ abrasive, not speaking out, delinquent, lack of education/ learning difficulties

Deceit, lies, trickery, cheating, theft, underhanded, scheming, dangerous/risky behavior, enemy masquerading as friend, spying, lack of conscience, strategy, resourceful, flexible, escaping detection, getting away with it, adaptable, courage, daring, sharp wit, mental manipulation, cunning, overly rational

Confessing, coming clean, turning over new leaf, conscience kicking in, ignoring warnings, pathological liar, serial cheat, slander, dangerously two-faced, malicious, con artist, blackmail, unworkable strategy, being outsmarted, getting caught, running away from consequences, coward, no backbone, stealing credit, military

Refusing to compromise/ give in, stubborn, rigid, obstinate, last one standing, not learning from past, no fight left, chronic fatigue, stalemate, retreat, withdrawal, falling at the final hurdle, lack of courage/ persistence/ perseverance/ backbone, weakness, dropping your guard, unexpected trouble, giving up, chip on shoulder

Slowness, lack of speed/ movement/ action/ results, slow progress, delayed/ cancelled/ returning from travel or holidays, restriction, bad timing, losing momentum, missed opportunities, late start, unfinished business, lack of energy, negativity, lack of romance, panicked, hysterical, impatient, impulsive, out of control

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